norway lifestyle

I loved it, but that may have been mainly because of the girls!! Mathew is a British – 12.5% Norwegian – guy living in Stavanger, Norway. Service your community and your neighbors, practice what you’ve learned at home, church or wherever you acquired the good values that formed your character. When I studied and lived Wales, I did get used to British mail and speedy online delivery times. The additional tax and duty on many items ordered from outside of Norway is another added frustration. One recent arrival reveals all based on his experiences so far. However, these days, I do feel people here are becoming more environmentally aware and try to travel greener when possible. So she thinks they’re the most For some journeys, if Norwegians want to save time, flying is a convenient option. Hi, thank you for this article, im going soon to norway, guess ill find out my self what is like to live there . Nevertheless, it is cross-country skiing that deserves to be called our national sport, and one in which Norway boasts world-class results. It is easy for anyone to experience this tradition. I think house prises and rental prices, in Oslo at least, will always appear on the extreme side. looking for job were never been easy for me! Oslo and some Norwegian cities also offer a tram system, with frequent services that connect large parts of the city. I guess I was spoilt by British mail and delivery speeds then. From the rules of the road to how to access healthcare services, the Norwegian lifestyle takes some adjusting to. The Monolith is difficult to wrap my head around personally….but is it something most people hold in high-regard there or not? The public transport system in Norway is a joke, there are no trains where I live. BUT, don’t think people or government owe you much except freedom, opportunity, and safety. I however experienced Norway to be a very unfriendly and impersonal country to live in. I appreciate people having the freedoms of being themselves if not harming others (nor themselves…) and heard that Norway is very free as far as gender stereotypes go as well. There are some things you must know about everyday life in Norway. But I generally agree with your comments, horrendously expensive, beautiful scenery and environment but I would add that the locals that in my opinion then were desperately conservative, staid and therefore very boring people.

You can often get a seat on the T-bane during rush hour! In keeping with the rise of the minimalist Nordic/Scandinavian style, we see increasing numbers of formally dressed (and well-dressed) Norwegians – both young and old. But meanwhile your neighbors are trying to get you kicked out and/or being trash via their behavior when they aren’t face-to-face with you.

An average working week consists of five seven-and-a-half-hour workdays. I feel this country has some kind of magnetism that seems to draw people outdoors. We are thinking should we move to Norway or not. I have found that my relatives embrace me and take care of me when I visit. So i have come accustomed to not talking about norway or lying how perfect it is. For some people might look friendly for others no. After an active day of skiing or boating, we like to sit back and relax. My grandfather immigrated from Norway as a young man in 1905. Euromonitor International is the leading provider of strategic market research reports. I did not expect this. Read more: The downsides of living in Norway.

The Norwegian lifestyle is strongly connected to the time spent on studies and work.

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