redback radiators

Leaving behind their initial employers, they both moved into the Automotive & Industrial Radiator Industry in the early 1990’s. the radiator mounts on two rubber pads, with two 3/8 studs, springs & nuts that's all  , let us know what way you go, I'm going to need some radiators also, thanks. Redback Diecon is one of Australia’s most renowned and respected manufacturers of high quality radiator cores and more recently, marine heat exchangers. Diecon Marine has original heat exchanger drawings for Diecon heat exchangers. My recently replaced radiator was from Northern Radiator, and it seems to be a good quality replacement. Posted on Jul 30, 2019 Emerald Radiator Service are proud to be the agent for Redback Radiator Cores.   You cannot paste images directly. Thing wouldn't even come close to fitting without a lot of swimming then grill wouldnt fit properly. Thanks for all the suggestions. Wish I had bought the 450 i grew up with, hindsight is 2020, Gold Demonstrators 1456 1026 826 656 544 gas utility. Upload or insert images from URL. Since then we have grown to become one of Australia’s most renowned and respected manufacturers of high quality aftermarket radiator core. Redback Radiators cores are 100% Manufactured in Australia and their quality is second to none! Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Redback Radiators Diecon Marine will be Closing @ 3:30PM FRIDAY 21ST DECEMBER and re opening @ 7AM WEDNESDAY 2ND JANUARY 2019. } Find out more about what you can expect when you choose to work with Redback Diecon >>. Check out the aluminium radiators for the Super MTA. My radiator core is beyond repair. September 25 in General IH. Redback Radiators have the ability to design from scratch or reverse engineer your complete radiator replacement assembly, or refurbish your existing assembly. Mick’s career progressed into the Radiator Repair Service Industry and the knowledge accumulated over a number of years lead to a logical transition into Sales. Directors Clive Benge & Mick Flynn both served engineering apprenticeships in the 1980s and have a sound knowledge of sheet metal, fabrication and production techniques working with a variety of metals and specializing in Copper & Brass. Merry Christmas!!! At Redback Diecon we guarantee the highest-quality, most cost-effective solution in the shortest time frame possible ensuring that you have the minimum amount of time off the road or out of the water. event : evt, Record was 50% more than the new aftermarket but it did fit correctly. At Redback Diecon our mission is to minimise the downtime of vehicles and boats by designing, manufacturing and supplying superior-quality, custom-made cooling components and delivering exceptional customer service. I think it has the same number of cores, and dimensions as the OEM radiator. ); (Aluminium components often fail prematurely in Industrial environments due to their low tolerance of stress and chemical corrosion).

A Standard radiator tube size is 13.5mm x 2.5mm +617 5597 0871 We also service , Header tank coolers, Bowman Heat exchanger, Bowman Marine Heat Exchanger, Bowman Spare parts, Bowman service, Bowman Repairs, Bowman tube stack, Leehman heat exchanger, Mercruiser heat exchanger, Perkins Heat exchanger, BMW heat exchanger, MAN heat exchanger, CAT heat exchanger, Caterpillar heat exchanger, Scania heat exchanger, Cummins heat exchanger, GM heat exchanger, Detroit heat exchanger, MTU heat exchanger, Gardner heat exchanger Hino heat exchanger, Volvo heat exchanger, Chev heat exchanger, Chevrolet heat exchanger, Ford heat exchanger, Mercedes heat exchanger, Onan heat exchanger, BMC heat exchanger, Leyland heat exchanger, Nissan heat exchanger, Kubota heat exchanger, Bedford heat exchanger, Toyota heat exchanger, Thornycroft, heat exchanger, Yanmar heat exchanger, Chrysler heat exchanger, Iveco heat exchanger, Serck heat exchanger, Serck service, Serck repairs, Pilan heat exchanger, Pilan service, Pilan repairs, marine heat exchanger repairs, oil cooler repairs, boat heat exchanger, if your engine or cooler isn’t listed please call us on 0755 970871. Northern Radiator | International Tractor Radiator - 21 3/4 x 18 3/4 x 2 11/16, Northern Radiator | Northern Radiator | Complete Cooling Systems, Truck Radiators, Tractor Radiators: Redback Radiators have the ability to design from scratch or reverse engineer your complete radiator replacement assembly, or refurbish your existing assembly.

Call us today with your plasma cutting requirements. Currently we manufacture radiator assemblies as a second tier supplier to suit various applications. “We recognised there were limited opportunities to increase revenue within our core business and had been seeking growth through acquisition, to increase our process capability.”. There is a lot of working dimensions on the radiator to hold, width, height steering shaft go's threw the top pan. We can develop the radiator assembly with either brass or steel tanks, fittings  and components to meet your criteria. Redback Radiators core vs OEM core, Redback Radiator cores feature a 16mm tube on a 8.4mm pitch. Whatever your vehicle, we’re the experts at keeping your engine cool. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard using the finest materials available and superior craftsmanship, to withstand the most extreme operating conditions.

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