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A trove of messages from Kaine's time as governor of Virginia provides a remarkable snapshot of Hillary Clinton's running mate.

Here are the 11 most revealing. |

Tran had written to Patrick Gaspard, then the head of White House political affairs, several days before the show with a “rather unusual personal request.” She noted other callers would include McDonnell and the musician Bruce Hornsby.

“I wanted you to see it because of the key role that NG has played in Virginia.”. [8] Sie haben drei Kinder und leben in einem Stadtviertel der afroamerikanisch geprägten Stadt Richmond (Virginia), in dem Menschen verschiedene… Kaine supports some legal restrictions on abortion, such as requiring parental consent for minors (with a judicial bypass procedure) and banning late-term … “My memory is not 100% reliable, but I do remember these incidents pretty clearly and do not believe that either were knocked down,” Kaine replied. The day after the Inaugural, the Post ran a grudging editorial saying that maybe the decisions weren’t so bad after all.”.

Welcome to the Library of Virginia’s Kaine Email Project, where we make accessible the email records from the administration of Governor Timothy M. Kaine, Virginia’s 70th governor (2006–2010). Kaine wasn’t just popular with the Obama White House. Kaine, a Roman Catholic, was personally pro-life but attempted to govern as a pro-choice Democrat. “Abstinence-only is more of a political statement than a true effort to help youngsters.”. The security detail’s props to the governor are relayed in an email to Kaine by Preston Bryant, his secretary of Natural Resources. Let’s talk next week about the regular breakfast schedule. The Obama call, which generated headlines around the world, almost didn’t happen. In addition, you may send signed privacy release forms via fax to (202) 228-6363. The Constitution gives no power to the president or vice president to pack the court. And Kaine lagged behind only Rod Blagojevich among Democratic governors who endorsed Obama in the 2008 primaries. Donovan Harrell and Dan Spinelli contributed to this report. Users can search and view email records from the Governor’s Office and his Cabinet Secretaries; learn about other public records from the Kaine Administration; go behind the … One of Kaine’s last acts as governor in January 2010 was his controversial decision recommending to the Obama Justice Department that it repatriate a German man serving a life sentence for his conviction in a 1986 double murder in central Virginia. Mike Henry, who at the time was Clinton’s deputy presidential campaign manager, actually wrote Kaine after the ceremony -- “You did a great job yesterday connecting with and helping everyone through such difficult times” – and forwarded along a letter from the parents of a Virginia Tech student who detailed what life was like on the Blacksburg campus as reporters from around the globe descended.

“Anne makes a good point,” he wrote. Share a brief personal anecdote about an experience with the Governor at an event or meeting in Virginia.”. While Kaine’s staff told reporters that the move was done because the governor wanted more “evidenced-based” policies, he gave a much more frank explanation in an email to a woman’s rights group. We don't need to make people's reproductive decisions for them." Contact United States Senators.

Among Howe’s suggested changes to an early draft: describing the Jamestown settlers as “Englishmen” instead of “British citizens,” clarifying a mention that the colony “was full of indolent noblemen, with a propensity to spend their hours playing bowls” and flagging an awkward reference to Lawrence Wilder, then Richmond’s mayor, as a “grandson of slaves.”. I have a question about traffic in Northern Virginia,” Obama joked. Site Search And a mention of both Wilder and his forebears is also dropped, leaving the queen’s only allusion to slavery near the end of her remarks when she describes the recent 200th anniversary in the United Kingdom of a parliamentary act to abolish the trans-Atlantic slave trade. In government, we have enough things to worry about. Users can search and view email records from the Governor’s Office and his Cabinet Secretaries; learn about other public records from the Kaine Administration; go behind the scenes to see how the Library of Virginia made the email records available; and read what others are saying about the collection. | Getty. “It has been a very emotional week,” Kaine replied. Kaine, this is actually the president of the United States calling. “I made some controversial calls about bridge closings before the inaugural that helped security and earned me some heat from the Post,” Kaine explained in his reply. Then he ended with a warning to keep the news close to the vest. Covering his bases, Hall followed up in an email to his boss asking whether Kaine used his leverage as a city leader in Richmond to get special treatment.

Finally, I would like your everyday intel about any member that I should reach out to personally.”, Kaine’s emails suggest he’s either a Civil War buff, or he could just like paying tribute to Virginia’s counties. He needed this one to come from the heart.”.

| “We're essentially logging a favor for the US.”.

“it has to be a quick dial in and out.”, “You have my guarantee – I will hurtle myself at him,” Tran replied. So far, they’re only a fraction of the way through the roughly 1.3 million messages handed over from more than 200 email accounts inside the Democrat’s administration. “This is a huge opportunity to make lemonade of the lemons of rising gas prices,” she wrote. In an email exchange from May 2008, Virginia First Lady Anne Holton flagged for her husband a Washington Post article that describes how $4 a gallon gas has prompted a surge in people carpooling and public transportation. We are processing and releasing these records in batches, so please check back often for new content. The governor’s 2007 year-end email to his staff detailed a number of policy areas he wanted to tackle with the state legislature, from pre-kindergarten to mental health, foster care and a “health care safety net.”, That “strategy to win” included creating new staff teams that “should probably be talking everyday” and taking “advantage of Cabinet/Agency folks in each area and external stakeholders.”, Kaine was also sensitive about his own schedule, which he thought needed to include more road trips to sell his agenda across the state and as much intelligence as he could gather on the state’s senators and delegates. If she wins the White House, the New York Times says Clinton is expected to bring back boozing with lawmakers as a way to forge relationships and cut big deals. Terry McAuliffe in December rejected the latest request for a transfer. “I hope/trust your VDOT folks are thinking about any creative, immediate ways even without $$$ to support this trend.”, Kaine replies by forwarding his wife’s message to the members of his administration’s inner circle. “Well, Gov. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia The 11 emails that explain Tim Kaine. It’s not a presidential responsibility. Contact Us, © 2016 The president’s Secret Service handlers were fans, too. “There are still some tough days ahead with families grieving and some hard questions to answer. In September 2009, Kaine had some exciting news to share with his staff. Kaine also shared an op-ed he’d just published about the state economy. Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton have something in common besides sharing the Democratic presidential ticket: Both are prolific emailers with inboxes that reveal much about their governing style and personalities. Virginia Beach 222 Central Park Avenue, Suite 120 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Phone: (757) 518-1674 Fax: (757) 518-1679 Directions Tran wrote up “KEY MESSAGES FOR POTUS” that included “Commend Governor Kaine for his service. But the Kaine email archives shed more light on the reasoning behind the decision at the time as his press staff prepped for controversy and media questions. This list contains all current US senators with links to their contact information, including phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses. Roanoke 611 S. Jefferson Street, Suite 5B Roanoke, VA 24011 Phone: (540) 682-5693 Fax: (540) 682-5697 Directions This project is made possible by federal funding provided through the Library Services and Technology Act program administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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