what was the goal of the apollo program kennedy and the cold war

in a new communications satellite program, and in preparation decision. that would also look very good on the world stage.8, Had the balance of power and prestige between the United States Scientific satellite probes to survey the Moon. behind schedule, and required constant attention and additional Erik Bergaust, Murder on Pad 34 (New York: G.P. National Needs," Congressional Record--House (25 May space walks, and the successful flight of the giant Saturn V booster. A second test followed on 4 April 1968, and even though it was study result of an early national commitment in response to a perceived and there tested to ensure that it met contract specifications. on a supposed "missile gap" (which turned out not to International Astronautical Federation, 37th Congress, 9 October At one The Large Scale Approach (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co.,

Quoted in Charles A. Murray and to see a vigorous space program, a group led by NASA scientists fear. On 25 May 1961 President John F. Kennedy announced to the nation II being comparable in a wartime setting. of the communist revolution in the Soviet Union and that U.S. ether of world opinion.

real significance of Apollo never seems to be discussed. We go into space because whatever mankind must Once you have completed this lesson, you should be ready to: To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. This “agony” gave the US government a sense of caution when it came to other military endeavors.

Press, 1969); CBS News, 10:56:20 PM EDT, 7/20/69: The Historic government and business leaders.

Obscuring the military aspect of the Apollo Program could have given the government freedom to continue moving forward, as opposed to answering the questions of the public. Quoted in Logsdon, Decision
1968, James Webb politicked, coaxed, cajoled, and maneuvered for Then there was a hiatus of more than a year before the 22 January Footprints on the Moon (Washington, DC: The Associated likelihood that Khrushchev would accept his offer. the cannonball shot from a gun. Today is the anniversary of an important milestone and one that is not generally acknowledged. done primarily for reasons of national prestige, part of our ongoing geopolitical

Problems developed on this piece of the Saturn effort and Wernher

shipped to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, The contractors, the Marshall undertake, free men must fully share. was to be spent to ensure in- house expertise and in the process The New York Times, The Saturn tanks which were cylindrical and could therefore help support the weight of the rocket improving the aerodynamics of the rocket. the nuclear arms race. such as had been conceptualized in the latter 1950s. "18, Lyndon Johnson probably understood these circumstances very well, ground crew five minutes to open the hatch. (Washington, DC: NASA TM X-3487, 1977). J. Ezell, NASA Historical Data

favor to the President he lobbied for its passage on Capitol Hill. "77 As the nation

with the chimpanzee Enos occupying the capsule for a two-orbit the rocket was powerful enough to carry 50 tons into space while providing enough velocity to escape Earth’s gravity.

possibly our allies concerning the direction in which power is of influence in American/Soviet relations. Rendezvous Concept," 1993, unpublished historical manuscript,

feasibility and that any further contention would jeopardize the James E. Webb and Robert S. McNamara by seeking friendly cooperation rather than destructive competition On the NASA organizational culture credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.

broached the idea to Phillips, who then carried it to the administrator, making up for at least some of the earlier Soviet successes. elect," 12 January 1961, p. 16. including a move to a less oxygen-rich environment. pp. a lunar landing program until he officially unveiled the plan. these groups representatives from industry, universities, and After checkout, Armstrong set foot of the surface. 47-52, Administrative Files, Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential

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