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The blood inside was found to be the same blood group as Sheila's, although it could have been a mixture of Nevill's and June's. The series also draws on ‘In Search of The Rainbow’s End’ by Colin Caffell, husband of Sheila and father to Daniel and Nicholas Caffell. She was in her nightdress, her feet were bare, and she had two bullet wounds under her chin, one of them on her throat. [59], The parents' estate included land and buildings occupied by Bamber's cousins, who were made aware, after the murders, that Bamber intended to sell them. "[161][59] In December 1994, Home Secretary Michael Howard told Bamber that he would remain in prison for the rest of his life, following a decision in 1988 by the home secretary of the day, Douglas Hurd. [127][59] A scientist at the Forensic Science Laboratory, John Hayward, found blood on the inside and outside surface of the silencer, the latter not enough to permit analysis. The boys are buried together in Highgate Cemetery. The Bambers' company, N. and J. Bamber Ltd, was worth £400,000 in 1985 (c. £1,057,000 in 2016). Former Lancashire Detective Chief Superintendent Mick Gradwell, shown the photographs by the Guardian and Observer, said in 2011: "The evidence shows, or portrays, Essex police having damaged the scene, and then having staged it again to make it look like it was originally. [117], The result of this certainty was that the investigation was poorly conducted. Mugford smashed a mirror and slapped Bamber; he then twisted her arm up her back. But because there was a DC David Bird, it was renamed again to "DRB/1". The name changes led to confusion in later documents, giving the impression that more than one silencer had been found. It was on the 7th September, a month after the murders, when Jeremy’s girlfriend Julie Mugford changed her statement to the police – now stating that Jeremy had planned to kill his own family. The firearms officer who first saw her said her feet and hands were clean, her fingernails manicured and not broken, and her fingertips free of blood, dirt or powder. This had a huge impact on Shelia’s emotional state and she became increasingly upset on numerous occasions. – video", Ground 1a – "hand swabs from Sheila Caffell", 1b – "the testing of the hand swabs from Sheila Caffell", 4 – "timing of phone call to Julie Mugford", 5 – "evidence relevant to the credibility of Julie Mugford", 8 – "photograph showing carving of the words 'I hate this place'", 11 – "the proposed purchase of a Porsche by the appellant", 14 and 15 – "blood in the sound moderator". Instead, much of the drama was filmed in and around Essex, England. "[93], The Appeal Court noted that Bamber said he had "tried to ring his father back at White House Farm but he could not get a reply". Allison became one of the campaign's patrons. Questions still arose over whether a silencer had been used in the murders of Nevill, June, Daniel and Nicolas.

[154][155] He had shot June in her bed; she had managed to walk a few steps before collapsing and dying. The pathologist, Peter Vanezis, said that the lower of the injuries had occurred from three inches (76 mm) away and that the higher one was a contact injury. [14] For several months before the murders, they had been living with Colin in his home in Kilburn, north London, not far from Sheila's home in Maida Vale.

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