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Timmy: Timmy is an inventor that prefers to use logic instead of violence, he is from a long family line of scientists.

After they grow closer in the third season, Layla tells him that she doesn't mind being betrothed as long as he's the one she has to marry, not some ugly Nabu she wouldn't like. Relaxing month, with lots of love and cuddles! When the Winx finally arrive, they receive a ransom call from one of Musa and Lukas' attackers. Helia is a quiet individual, who prefers sketching to practicing heroics, despite heroics being in his blood. A seventh member, Roxy, is introduced in the fourth season and occasionally joins the other Winx Club fairies. Only actors from the two original casts are listed below. After kissing Musa, Lukas rushes out the backdoor and promises to be back within a few days. He tells Musa that his father wishes for him to come back to run the company alongside him, but this means that he would have to leave Musa. Flora has tan skin with narrow jade eyes, long honey brown hair with blonde within her bangs.

And even after yelling at him again for kicking the final hoop away on Roy's turn, she hesitates to leave for the mission to free Linphea College without him. Nabu, a wizard from Andros, is introduced in the 3rd season, but is not said that he attended to Red Fountain. Aisha and Nex are a couple in the animated series Winx Club. What do the Harry Potter characters thin ... who would you fall for??

The group, called the Winx Club, attends and later graduates from the Alfea College for Fairies. He also tries to protect Roy and Aisha from a basilisk, but he ends up getting turned to stone. The characters have appeared in a variety of media, including the spin-off series World of Winx, a comic book serial, and platform video games. A dotted top with bright blue bootcut jeans, The shortest miniskirt ever, and a tiny bikini top, A dress that looks like a chrome disco ball.

Episode 13 - The Unicorn's Secret - [FULL EPISODE]. He distracts her while Aisha sneaks up and attacks her from behind. In Season 6, Flora wears a plaid pattern royal blue coat over a white shirt. Human Nabu, a wizard from Andros, is introduced in the 3rd season, but is not said that he attended to Red Fountain. The girls officially name the building as the official Winx Club hangout and Lukas promises to be with everyone, especially Musa.

Your parents and closest relatives love you loads. Aisha and Nex's relationship appears to move faster in the comic series than in the show. Nex and Roy come to cheer her up after a fight with Stella. Completed 0 of 8 questions.

He wears a yellowish-orange shirt with long sleeves and a blue vest over it. Aisha and Nex team up against Siobhan of the Water in "Legendary Duel".

She introduces Squonk, but Nex does not like him. Tomorrow comes around and Musa makes her way to Lukas' apartment. Sigmund Viker (father) Both boys were initially shunned by the group because of suspicious actions, but managed to regain their trust (and Aisha's). Musa suggests: [11] She was originally drawn with glasses and a lighter skin tone; for the full series, her glasses were removed[11] and she was given darker skin to look "more Latin". Winx Club TM © 2003-2017 Rainbow Srl. She wears long fuchsia socks with lime edges, with green high-heeled shoes. With all of that money, the girls can fix up the building with no problems! And no, I'm not 14.

The two decide to step outside as another band rehearses and Lukas confesses that he thinks what Musa is doing is amazing, as having a nearby place to rehearse allows many aspiring musicians to take a step closer towards their dreams. Once she finds out that Lukas did not show up at the Clubhouse, she makes her way to his apartment in the hopes that nothing bad is going on. He clears Musa of her doubts about moving her business to a new building by promising to send anyone he knows who need a place to rehearse her way and then leaves, promising to call her later. He wishes her luck on her mission and waits for her with the Winx's bonded Pixies. Lukas is fairly tall, has light green eyes and long blonde hair that flows down to his buttocks.

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