2016 primary debates

Chris Wallace delivered a sterling performance as moderator of the final presidential debate on Wednesday night, maintaining order and focusing … [14] Candidates needed to have an average of at least 15 percent in the following polls to participate in one of the CPD's 2016 presidential debates: The CPD based its selection of polls on the following criteria, according to its August 15 press release: This article analyzes the central themes of the third and final general election presidential debate held on October 19, 2016, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. [4] Kasich ended his campaign the following day. [105] It was the second debate to air on CNN, and was also broadcast by Salem Radio. [141][142] Ten days later, on September 21, 2015, Walker suspended his campaign mainly due to his own poll numbers dropping after two lackluster debate performances. "[87], The primetime debate featured numerous clashes between the candidates and the moderators, and the moderators were criticized – both by the candidates and by commentators in the aftermath – for perceived rudeness towards the candidates, asking questions that were perceived as biased. [159][160] Possibly as a result, Carson—who had previously been perceived as uninformed and relatively inarticulate on foreign policy—began to suffer in the polls, with Trump once again solidifying a double-digit lead over everyone else, while Rubio and Cruz began to steadily rise as Carson's numbers declined. Republicans make debate offer media can't refuse? The Republican debate of January 28, devoid of Trump due to priorities and conflicts with moderator Megyn Kelly after the debate in August, was the candidates' last shot at honing their message before the Iowa caucuses. Political rhetoric and charges heated up with Cruz and Rubio teaming up to attack Trump. "[10], The debate was composed of six 15 minute segments, each covering a major topic selected by the moderator and made public a week prior to the debate. He also received one negative response.
“I say nothing:” After his five-year crusade to raise questions about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, … “It’s excruciating. This 2015 debate was aired on CNN, and simulcast on the Salem Radio Network. The cough was "almost gone" and Carson was not really sick at the time. [55][58], The undercard broadcast took place at 3 pm PDT, while the main card broadcast took place at 5 pm PDT. The 2016 Presidential primary schedule is finally set. Satisfaction of the eligibility requirements to hold the office of president of the United States, as set forth in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. The following table lists the twelve RNC debates which took place, along with the dates, times, places, hosts, and participants.[6][7][8]. [229] On April 28, 2016, a Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California, attracted protests that turned violent, with approximately twenty people arrested and a police car vandalized. Bush (R) and Michael Dukakis (D), prior to the first debate, Bush was at 50 percent. Later that day, there was another GOP debate, which again featured Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich. ), Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, lost the 2012 election to incumbent Democratic president Barack Obama. Trump subsequently accused the audience of consisting mostly of Bush's donors and supporters. [17] Politico similarly measured the candidates' speaking time at 40.8 minutes and 34.8 minutes.[18]. [16] In the following table, states and territories where the candidates achieved a majority of bound delegates are marked in bold.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein were not invited because they did not meet the 15 percent polling average threshold required by the CPD. [155] Special Report anchor Bret Baier, The Kelly File anchor Megyn Kelly and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace served as moderators. The candidates answered as follows; Jeb Bush: Eveready (a reference to Donald Trump's earlier "low-energy" criticism), Ben Carson: One Nation, Chris Christie: True Heart, Ted Cruz: Cohiba, Carly Fiorina: Secretariat, Mike Huckabee: Duck Hunter, John Kasich: Unit 2 (his wife is Unit 1), Rand Paul: Justice Never Sleeps (Tapper suggest it might be a mouthful), Marco Rubio: Gator, Donald Trump: Humble, and Scott Walker: Harley. In Ballotpedia's Insider Survey, 86 percent of Democratic respondents declared Clinton the “biggest winner” of the night. [143], By the end of September, most polling averages indicated that the field was finally stabilizing in terms of public opinion and six candidates in particular were gaining traction and pulling away from the rest of the field by considerable margins. Rubio's poor response to Christie's criticisms led many to consider Rubio as the loser of the debate, with most of his post-Iowa momentum severely blunted by the performance. This page served as Ballotpedia’s hub for all of them. At a campaign rally in Ohio, Trump playfully told his supporters that he will “totally accept” the election’s results, “if I win.”. August 6, 2015 – Cleveland, Ohio Edit The first debate was hosted by Fox News Channel , Facebook , and the Ohio Republican Party at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio – the same location as the future 2016 … All delegates from American Samoa are unpledged. Both men then formed an alliance to block Trump from winning the nomination, ahead of the "Acela primaries" of five Northeastern states on April 26. [55] Rick Perry had been invited to the undercard debate but suspended his campaign on September 11, effectively ending his candidacy. [221], Following the Wisconsin primary, the three candidates moved on to Trump's home state of New York for its April 19 primary. Some of the dates below may be … Gene J. Puskar / AP ... Donald Trump doesn’t want to debate.

")[30] The five selected polls[36] were conducted by Fox News,[37] Bloomberg,[38] CBS News,[39] Monmouth University,[40] and Quinnipiac University. The twelve Republican presidential debates, and the nine forums, were a series of political debates held between the candidates for the Republican Party's nomination for the 2016 United States presidential election.

[218][219] On March 29, the same day Walker endorsed Cruz, at a GOP town hall event hosted by CNN, all three remaining Republican candidates distanced themselves from the vow they had taken in September to support their party's eventual nominee. "[104], The fifth debate was held on December 15, 2015, at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. If a candidate gets more than a certain threshold of the votes he will be allocated all the delegates, otherwise it is allocated proportionally. Rand Paul was invited, but said, "I won't participate in anything that's not first tier because we have a first tier campaign. [12], Some in the media questioned Donald Trump's seriousness as a candidate, and pondered as to whether or not he should be included in the debates. [147] This was the ninth and final debate appearance of Bush, who suspended his campaign on February 20. As part of these plans, the 2016 Republican National Convention was scheduled for the relatively early date of July 18–21, 2016,[79] the earliest date since Republicans nominated Thomas Dewey in June 1948. [180][181], The Voters First forum was broadcast nationally[182] by C-SPAN[183] as the originating source media entity, beginning at 6:30 p.m. EDT and lasting[citation needed] from 7 to 9 p.m. Among the 901 delegates elected for candidates who later dropped out of the race, 155 were still bound to vote for their candidate on the first ballot[c] and 34 were released[d] according to the local rules of each state party. So make sure to ratchet-up your most important points and tone down or leave out anything else. The first presidential debate took place on September 26, 2016, in New York. [94][95], Many commentators considered the winners of the primetime debate to be Rubio, Cruz, and Christie, primarily for their attacks on the debate's moderator's questions. Ten Republican presidential candidates went after the issues, and each other, in their kickoff debate.

For comparison, see the analyses of the first and second general election debates held on September 26, 2016, and October 9, 2016, respectively. [141] During the debate, Rubio – who was perceived as gaining significant momentum after a close third-place finish in Iowa – faced attacks from Bush and particularly Christie, who criticized Rubio for repeating popular talking points rather than debating specifics.

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