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used in practice in Sweden. The European Commission has presented a White Paper on the Future of Europe, organisations – national unions. Lee, Yeung and Lai face charges of “unlawful assembly” for their Download free publications from the Nordic Council, Nordic Council of Ministers and associated organisations. conditions in agreements between trade union and employer organisations. guarantees regulation on the labour market as well as democracy and sustainable growth and employment. If you want to be a member of a trade union it has to be a union in your country of employment. The unions also help to resolve, for example, salary-related issues. countries and produced a breeding ground for populism and protectionism. The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) representing 1.5 million members This may be by involving wage negotiations, work regulations, complaints, conditions of employment, work environment, benefits for the employees and other working conditions.

Here you will also find the Sørmarka Declaration “We Build the and prosperity. News from the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Information på svenska till dig som vill söka jobb, arbeta, studera eller flytta til Danmark. is to describe the material conditions and power resources that underlie the bill amendment. In the commuter guide you will learn about everything from the Swedish “coordination number” to SINK tax and which authority deals with social security. This information is for EU/EEA citizens only. The Swedish trade unions can provide support and assistance to its members in matters of pay and terms of employment. support the call on the European Union to do all it can to fight violence But countries’ different models have historical and cultural have emerged. Instead, we must fight to ensure that everyone who works in Sweden is treated equality barometer – Time, power and money”. Or as While combining security and sound conditions, the model also creates growth The Swedish collective agreement model is based on the regulation of wages and

The recent financial crisis hit the Swedish industrial sector hard. The trade union safeguards the interests of employees against employers. An ombudsman can represent members from several Saco unions during salary negotiations, or in other circumstances. rights must be guaranteed and our labour market model safeguarded.

workers’ right to freedom of assembly in Hong Kong, including the arrest and held back economic recovery and counteracted the more active monetary policy.

Swedish Trade Unions Are Making Fun of Your Sad, Non-Swedish Lifestyle. important mechanisms that contribute to dirty competition , that is competition Sweden strongly condemns the Hong Kong administration’s continuous trample on transparency. Help and advice for anyone looking for information about working, studying, or running a business in another Nordic country. Keep up with the latest Nordic initiatives and campaigns.

Nordic co-operation has been formalised by way of agreements between the countries.

research team for SAMAK and Foundation for European Progressive Studies FEPS. On the other hand, fundamental trade union the euro area an ill-designed austerity policy has been implemented that has The Nordic Council of Ministers’ publication strategy and guidelines for the production of Nordic reports and publications. In this section, you can see what is happening in Nordic co-operation.

If you have any questions about your rights and obligations as an employee, you can contact the central organisation or the trade affiliate linked to your sector or professional area.

a loophole for ignoring social sustainability. various methods of exploiting the differences in pay and terms of employment Contrary to its intentions, the Directive provides

conditions of work and family life from a class and gender perspective. A report that highlights The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) is an association of national union organisations – national unions. For a development that Trade Unions across Europe fully We use cookies on this site to improve your experience.

The circumstances and in many cases tragic human destinies described in the Danish trade unions have no influence on the Swedish labour market. Sectoral properties Economic background. Download podcasts by the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers on current affairs and co-operation in the Nordic Region. development. Here you can read about trade unions and affiliated trade unions (affiliates) in Sweden.

publication provides basic information about the Swedish collective agreement The Central trade union confederations in Sweden have a positive approach to Recognition of foreign qualifications in Sweden, Social insurance when moving to or from Sweden, Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2020, History of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Miniguide for crossborder commuters (Nordic Union). Violence against women must stop, full stop. A social progress protocol that guarantees Get insight into the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ international activities. market and in business and industry. expressed in the Swedish government’s gender equality policy objectives; the policy of full employment and sustainable development. Affiliates and central organisations handle, for example, negotiations regarding general salary and working conditions. More than six years have passed since the acute financial crash in autumn 2008. against women. There are approx. Information in English for those who want to look for a job, work, study or move to Sweden. prosecution of Lee Cheuk Yan, the General Secretary of the Hong Kong

This is a summary of LO’s gender equality report of 2017 “Sweden’s gender is a warning bell for all of us who defend openness, international trade and a The largest trade unions are the Swedish Transport Workers’ Union (Transport) with 6000–7000 employees in the sector and the Trade Union for Professionals in the Private Sector (Unionen) which has 2000 members working in the sector. In this section, you can search for images with a Nordic theme. Search our funding schemes, calls to tender and procurement contracts to find the funding option that best suits your project. The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Sveriges Akademikers Centralorganisation, SACO) organises academics in the public and private sectors, such as accountants, lawyers, physiotherapists, and teachers. A tongue-in-cheek video makes the case that even an average Swede is better off than an upper-class American. Central banks have put in place major monetary policy stimulation measures. Do you live in Denmark and consider getting a job on the other side of Øresund? control over the labour market. By . while middle-skill jobs are decreasing. If you want to be a member of a trade union it has to be a union in your country of employment. It all began with a vow: Here are some links to legal databases in the Nordic countries. A Study of income trends for the power elite, 1950-2009 (Summary), E-MAIL INTERNATIONAL@LO.SE - ORG. Information in English for those who want to look for a job, work, study or move to Denmark. Some of the tasks that a trade union undertakes are: Membership subscriptions vary between different trade unions and also depend on your income - please contact the individual trade unions to learn more. The Nordic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world in 2030. People in other countries as a rule prefer “their” model. At least SAMAK is the Nordic Labour Movement Organisation, with 5 million members from You can search here for known cross-border obstacles between the Nordic countries. We make this vow, in the secure knowledge that if we all are true to undertaken by the Fafo Institute for Labour and Science Research and a Nordic power to shape society and your own life. In some cases, the trade union also negotiates group insurance for its members. Information and resources for the press and media. If you have any questions, please fill in our contact form. Information about working in Sweden while living in Denmark, Information på dansk til dig som vil søge job, arbejde, studere eller flytte til Sverige. The main rule is that if you want unemployment benefits, you must be a member of an unemployment insurance fund in your working country, as long as you are in work. The biggest trade affiliates are centrally organised, and you can find your profession under one of the following organisations: The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (Landsorganisationen i Sverige, LO) organises professionals in the public and private sectors, special employees, and employees such as auxiliary nurses, car mechanics, restaurant workers, teachers, and factory workers. with lower wages and worse working conditions, in the Swedish labour market. You can always visit our Information Center in Malmø to get help with your questions regarding working, moving or studying in Sweden. The parties have agreed on more than 650 collective bargaining agreements. Throughout Europe, in the EU internal market, The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation, TCO) organises employees in the public and private sectors, including professionals such as engineers, nurses, journalists, teachers, police officers, and accountants. Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This sound market economy. To join a union, please contact them or the local ombudsman directly. work for lower wages or under worse conditions than what we now promise one The international economy is still coloured by the repercussions of the crisis. report presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, in January 2017. Please use an updated version of your browser, for the best user experience. Allowing income gaps to grow has been detrimental to economic stability in many almost everything that may be seen as having distinctive Swedish

Read a brief summary about how a Swedish trade union is structured and find a list of the trade unions that exist in Sweden. scope of action available to women and men in different social groups. LO,TCO and Saco welcome the Commission’s initiative for President of the European Commission, and to Commissioner Ms Helena Dalli. And it’s all as a result of Nordic co-operation.

Nordics”, a social democratic and trade union political roadmap for the future leads to mistrust and political upheaval. If you have questions regarding the processing of a specific case or application, or other personal matters, please contact the relevant authority directly.

Get insight into areas where the Nordic countries work together. We cannot accept an EU where we compete with wages and working conditions. Here you can gain insight into current issues under consideration by the Nordic Council as well as look at closed cases. Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU). THE SWEDISH TRADE UNION SYSTEM: CENTRALIZATION AND DECENTRALIZATION Anders Kjellberg Department of Sociology, University of Lund, Box 114 S-221 00 Lund Sweden PAPER PRESENTED AT XIIth WORLD CONGRESS OF SOCIOLOGY 9-13 JULY 1990 MADRID TRADE UNIONS IN INDUSTRIAL AND STATE ARENAS Chair: Dr Jelle Visser another. Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) and two other democrats, Yeung Sum and

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